Privacy Policy

This electronic document provides the practices that pertain to the way collects and uses information that we avail through direct means, indirect methods or via third-party websites.

The Extent and Purpose of the Policy

This electronic privacy policy enunciates the steps we take to mine and provision data that we avail from our clients who consist of persons with accounts on the site or first-time visitors, after we get the information on site or via a third-party provider. This policy, however, eschews inclusivity of any data that we source from third-party partner websites, which, in as much as they connect to our site, have their separate privacy policies. Thus, we encourage a careful analysis of external sites, whose links appear on our website, before having any connections that may not qualify as directly pertinent to our privacy policy.

Terms and Conditions

The use of our service, inclusive of the website, products and functional programming interface applications, including cookies is inextricably connected to our health Terms and Conditions. These terms include:

Authorized Use of Information

All users of the can only view, copy or distribute the data herein only for the goal of disseminating information. The data is not for illegal retrieval objectives that may result in either damage or copyright infringement on the part of the end-users of this information.


Each spreadsheet, graphical information, layout illustration, including graphs, text, images and any other multimedia on the site are all under copyright protection. Under no circumstances, other than through a written permission can any individual copy, put on sale or duplicate information in electronic or print version, thereof.

No Guarantees

ALL INFORMATION INSIDE THE SITE IS AVAILABLE ON AS IS’ BASIS AND DOES NOT FEATURE ANY GUARANTEE. Thus, at no time will this website or its partners be subject to any legal or direct implication on loss or damage that has been a consequence of infringements with the information contained on this site.

Our Resolve are committed to upholding your privacy. We only avail and back data that the user has given of his or her free choice and we use it only for specific objectives. This website does not deal in swapping or selling personal details. We not only commit to use or disseminate your personal details only when necessary but limit its use internally, while keeping its security our chief priority.

Data Security and Privacy Contained On Site

Our website passionately and professionally commits to keeping the privacy of web visitors our lead item, and we conduct administrative duties with this in mind. We have set up a methodical, keying system via hardware, online, and admin processes that keep under lock and key all information we retrieve from clients to overcome any undue access of personal information through illegal means. Only when you have provided generic identity data including appellation, physical address, electronic mail and phone contacts, will this website use or connect it with the cookies that we use to run the site efficiently.

We also use external vendors of software to access and track information that may improve the way we relate with visitors, such as, traffic counters, via use of cookies and other programming platforms. While the data we collect, in this automated manner, is protected by our privacy policy, we do not guarantee the privacy of vendors whose tools we utilize because they have their respective policies. However, we provide details on how we protect information that the vendors avail for us through our request.

Electronic Mail and Opt-out Practices

No person will get an email after browsing information on this website unless he or she logs into an account or requests for information personally via his or her electronic mailing address. We also provide guidelines for opting out from getting further emails from this website, under the current rules that pertain to this provision.

Children’s Privacy

This website  only operates as a heath resource for persons of a certain age which excludes minors, specifically ones below 12 years of age. In case our monitoring systems detect that an individual sending or retrieving information on the site is a minor, we destroy this data and do not recognize it as valid.

For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.