Lucas Fuel Injector Cleaner Review

We are huge fans of the Lucas Oil company range of products. In particular, we’ve found their “Lucas Power Steering Stop Leaks Oil” works extremely well!

When we were asked to review Lucas Fuel Injector Cleaner, it was with great delight and an expectation of a solid result. But did we get one?

About Lucas Fuel Injector Cleaner

Officially called the Lucas Oil Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner, but there are specific upper cylinder injector cleaner products offered by Lucas too.

The Lucas company website states this product is designed to:

  • Remove carbon deposits on internal surfaces, passageways, and inlets
  • Reduce or even eliminate engine knock and ping
  • Lubricate fuel pumps, piston rings and extend life of the cylinders
  • Unlike other products, has little odor
  • Be Alcohol-free
  • Be safe to use on sensors, like the oxygen sensors
  • Bring hesitant or slow performing engines back to original condition
  • Increase fuel efficiency while reducing NOx emissions
  • Increase engine power, throttle response, and acceleration

Just like other fuel injector system cleaners, this one is packaged in a 16oz bottle but is available in one other size, a gallon jug.

Why should I use a Fuel System Cleaner?

In the combustion process, most of the waste products leave the engine through the exhaust. However, some combustion by-products are left behind, coating internal engine components like the pistons, valves, internal air passageways, sensors and voids with solid, carbon-based deposits.

This happens for some reasons, the main one being that it isn’t always possible to achieve a complete burn and so there’s always waste particles produced. Left unchecked, these deposits can layer up and restrict airflow required for the combustion process or coat vital engine operation sensors. This will further increase the number of unburnt particulates and exponentially add to the crud lining your engine.

Engines work to calculated, precise tolerances and so any deviation from that standard can lower fuel economy, cause rough idling and reduce the power output of the engine. Long term, the junk and trash material inside the engine could cause mechanical failure or at the very least, reduce the life of internal components.

How does Lucas Oil Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner work?

Motorists can use Lucas Oil Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner as a counter to the choking effect that soot has on your engine. This product contains high concentrations of a powerful chemical solvent known as PEA (Polyether Amine). This substance softens and dissolves formations of engine waste products; they are then blown back into the combustion chamber for a second burn and out through the muffler.

Some cleaners work using an alcohol-based recipe, but Lucas use PEA, and so it should be effective on old, stubborn carbon accumulations.

What are the benefits of using Lucas Oil Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner?

In addition to the performance benefits of using this cleaner, there are a few specific reasons you might consider using the Lucas brand offers:

Available in bulk, offering excellent value

Available in either 16oz quart bottles or 4 quart, 1-gallon jugs. 1 gallon of the cleaner fluid is enough to treat over 400 gallons of fuel, representing excellent value for money. If you do opt for the 1-gallon jug, you’ll need a funnel or container to decant the ungainly bottle into.

Made by an established company

At the outset, we noted how important and established Lucas is. We highly rate their products and trust them not to be peddlers of snake oil.

Value for money

Fuel additives present good value for money when compared with the cost of replacing the ignition system including spark plugs and injectors. The savings can run into hundreds of dollars!

Improvements increase with use.

The more you use this cleaner, the more you drive, then the more drastic the cleaning effect. Use it at every fill up if possible.

Does Lucas Oil Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner work?

Ah, the million dollar question! Does this particular fuel system cleaner work?

Well, the answer is complicated. It should be observed that the product has been designed by the inventors to be used as a preventative measure, that is everytime you fill up your tank. This will help minimize carbon formation in the first place.

Most of the tests we’ve seen on YouTube have been attempting to remove old and baked on coatings. Often these test also only use the product once, where additional treatments would increase the product’s effectiveness.

With that said, it does seem that the Lucas product isn’t as strong as one like Seafoam. Before and after comparisons filmed using borescopes show the difference to be minimal after one application.

But, and here’s the complicated part, most, if not all, reported an increase in fuel economy. Not just a small improvement either, but a large spike in fuel efficiency that can only be attributed to the fuel additive. We haven’t seen such results as consistent with competitor offerings.


An effective preventative measure to carbon builds up, from an established and well-known brand. This product offers good value and seems to give the biggest economic gains over all other products we’ve inspected. Well worth a try as your next fuel system and injector cleaner.

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