K Seal Head Gasket Sealer Review – 2020 Updated

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K Seal Head Gasket Sealer Review

A leaking or blown head gasket is a pretty major thing. Left unchecked, the damage it causes will get worse, to the point of total engine failure. You must do something about a leaking head gasket right away.

Repairing a leaking head gasket is a time-consuming job and a shop will charge you up to $2000 to replace one. The job involves tearing down the engine, removing the cylinder head, and all other components attached to it and dropping all the fluids. The cylinder head may even have to be machined true again. Your car will be in the shop for a few days at a minimum.

You’ll know your head gasket has gone if:

  • You are having to constantly (or more frequently) top up your coolant system
  • The temperature gauge is showing maximum temperature even when the engine has only been running for a few minutes
  • Thick white exhaust fumes are emitted from the muffler
  • Engine runs warmer than it used to

Introducing K Seal Head Gasket Sealer

Before booking your vehicle in at the garage, you may be able to try a head gasket sealer, like the one made by K Seal. K-SEAL Ultimate Permanent Head Gasket Repair ST3501 is a unique blend of ceramic microfibers and copper particles that quickly act to seal leaks in head gaskets.

K Seal Head Gasket Sealer Review

K Seal is added straight into the coolant system and when it flows into the crack or leak, it begins to set, meshing together and is further cured by the internal engine temperatures.

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Once it has fully gone off, it should be a permanent fix and be able to withstand the pressure and high heat that the head gasket is exposed.

Will K Seal Gum up my engine?

We’ve seen problems from other gasket sealant makers products where the coolant system has become restricted or even fully block up due to the sealer solidifying in the wrong places.

K Seal has worked around that problem by using chemical ingredients that have very small particulates. They are designed not to block up passages and heater cores. This has been independently tested by a university.

What else can K Seal Fix?

A number of head gasket sealers are sold purely as that, intended to repair leaks in the head gasket.

K Seal is slightly different, in that it will fix leaks in any part of the cooling system. Including the head, head gasket, block, radiator, heater core, freeze and coolant plugs and the water pump housing. In our experience, it even can work on some hoses and pipes.

Is it safe to use in my vehicle?

Yes, it has been designed to work with almost any water cooled engine, whether diesel or gas, commercial truck or light weight racing bike.

Who else uses K Seal?

K Seal has pretty favorable reviews online. One reviewer said they spoke to a soldier who said that most vehicles in a warzone carry a bottle as it is the only thing that can plug up a bullet hole or shrapnel damage in the antifreeze system.

What is K Seal made of?

K Seal is listed as been made up a number of chemicals and compounds:

  • Water, 85%
  • Flaxmeal, milled flax seeds
  • Zinc
  • Aluminosilicate refractory fibers
  • Copper powder
  • 4-Chloro-3,5-dimethylphenol, a crystalline disinfectant
  • Polyethylene glycol mono-p-nonylphenyl ether
  • Zinc gluconate
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The important thing to note is these compounds are all safe for use in an engine.

Do you recommend K Seal?

We have used K Seal personally on a leaking radiator fitted to a Land Rover Defender. The leak sealed up within a couple of hours and the radiator did not leak again until it was replaced a year later, at which point it was still sound.

The engine was later stripped down and no obvious coatings of the product had formed inside the engine coolant passageways or thermostat.

Final Thoughts

K Seal does exactly what it promises on the bottle. It is cost-effective and readily available. It has been independently tested and we’ve found it to be effective in treating blowing radiators and leaking pipes as well. We recommend K Seal.

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