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Suppose, you have just discovered that the radiator of your car has some leakage issues. As you know that the radiator stop leak is one of the best solutions for such a problem, you have used it to fix the leaks of your radiator. You have used the best radiator stop leak properly and seen that the fix is okay. But, can you be sure about the radiator stop leak how long it may last? Yes, this is a concern for all of us. As the radiator stop leak is not a permanent solution, it can be ineffective at any time.

Generally, radiator stop leaks last for a distance between 10,000 and 50,000 miles. It varies from one to another because it depends on some key factors. But, if there are more leaks, you will need to reapply it more quickly.

How long it works?

A radiator stop leak is a temporary solution. It may work for a long time or maybe invalid within a short time. Some of the stop leak companies advertise that their product can seal leakages permanently. But, this is not true. Today or tomorrow the leak will come back again and a stop leak has to be applied again. The only permanent solution for this problem is to repair or replace the radiator.

But, replacing or repairing radiators is costly and time killing. Also, it takes hard work. As a result, most of the car owners choose to use the radiator stop leak instead of replacing or repairing the radiator.

There are some matters of concern using a radiator stop leak. The durability of the seals is one of them. Though it is the most effective and easiest solution, this problem will surely give you a headache. Because the leaks can be back at any time at any moment.

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Key factors for radiator stop leak’s durability

As I mentioned before that the working durability of a radiator stop leak depends on some key factors, let’s see what they are.

Radiator stop leak’s quality

If you are not using a good quality radiator stop leak, then never expect it to have lasted long. There are several numbers of cheap radiator stop leak brands that are not of good quality. Using those products will disappoint you. They can be inactive at any time, plus they will harm your engine in many ways. They will clog or cause overheating.

On the other hand, some good quality radiator stop leaks that are effective and don’t harm the engine or radiator. Some of them provide long-lasting seals in the leaks. You can find some stop leaks in the market that contain microfiber or silicate ceramic, which are very effective and can create a long-lasting radiator seal.

The main types of radiator fluid are ethylene glycol/polyethylene glycol, non-toxic radiator coolant, and extend-life radiator fluid, comprising the main three types of radiator fluid that are used in radiator sealing. Ethylene glycol is the most popular type of radiator fluid, while the non-tox radiator coolant does not contain either of these materials or products and is non-toxic for car use in radiator sealant. Lastly, the extended life radiator fluid contains extra items, like additives, that are used to make the air condition and the car radiator work for a longer period, enhancing the quality of the radiator sealant. 

Types of Radiator Stop Leaks

There are two main types of radiator stop leaks that can be used to fix a radiator leak in your car. First, the main type of radiator sealant is tablets. Although this is not the most common kind of sealant on the market, you can find this product in tablet form, working to dissolve the fluid in tiny particles by migrating to leak areas, filling gaps sealing holes, and adding sealant to potential leak areas. When the temperature increases to a certain amount, the particles are able to burn up and seal the cracks to prevent further leaks. Thus, the tablet radiator stop leaks are not perfect for the long-lasting seals.

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The other main kind of radiator sealant you can use to prevent leaks in your car is the fluid form of stop sealant – this kind of product is much more common on the market today and has a lower viscosity, making them able to move and flow more smoothly through the fluid, while also having the ability to reduce friction. These kinds of liquid sealants have the makeup typically of additives that help corrode rust and are thicker to reduce dirt, grime, and debris to make the sealant dirty. Thus, they are the most effective radiator stop leak to get long-lasting seals. 

Size of the leaks

If you have leaks of very small sizes, then the radiator stop leak will work properly. Also, the seal will last long. But, if the leak size is quite big then you going to need either twice the amount of the sealant or you have to take it to the mechanic. Most of the time radiator stop leak cannot seal big size leakages and if it does, it cannot hold the seals for much longer. If the leak is more severe, or on the edge of becoming severe, the repair might last a shorter duration. The leakage comes back very soon.

Number of leaks

The radiator stop leak’s durability also depends on the number of leaks. The more is leaks, the quicker it invalids.

Apply method

Different stop leaks have different applying method. You need to follow the proper way to get the best result. You have to use the right amount of sealant that has recommended by the company. Also, follow the time instruction that you should wait to get the leak sealed. If you start the engine before completing the whole process, then the sealant can be destroyed instantly. So, follow the proper applying method to get long-lasting service.

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Age of your car

If you have a comparatively older car, then hold on a second before using the radiator stop leak. Take a moment and inspect the radiator thoroughly. Look carefully at the condition of the metals in the radiator or coolant. Because, if the radiator is rusted or the metals are tear-down for using a long time, then it is better to replace the radiator instead of using a radiator stop leak.

Proper chemical composition

As the radiator stop leak is used in the coolant, it must be compatible with the coolant quality. Sometimes the chemical composition of the radiator stop leak doesn’t cope with the coolant liquid. As a result, it creates clogging, and the engine overheats. Also in this situation, the stop cannot seal the leakages properly. Thus, your effort and money will be wasted for not being conscious of the chemical composition of the radiator stop leak.

Final words

Proper inspection is the key process for the radiator stop leak to work for a long period. You should know your car before taking any step. You have to make sure that your car is ready to use the radiator stop leak for its leakage in the radiator. Also, choose the right one of the radiator stop leaks and use it in a proper way. Though this is not the permanent solution, follow the right instruction, and make the right decision to get relief from leakages for a long period.

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