Gumout Injector Cleaner Review

During the internal combustion that happens dozens of times a minute, fuel is burned to convert its chemical energy into mechanical or kinetic energy. By-products include heat as well as waste.

Why carbon builds up form

The more fuel burned, the more energy can be converted but also the more waste matter created. Over time, these deposits can group, forming hard buildups of carbon and the effect of this can be damaging to your engine. It will also reduce power and increase fuel usage.

Engine heat also cures and bakes the carbon build-ups and can cause hot spots, which can cause fuel pre-ignition and knock, a loss of performance and in extreme cases engine damage.

Gumout makes a fuel treatment formulated specifically to combat this problem.

These fuel additives are engineered using the most effective chemicals available, namely, PEA or Polyether-amine. This nitrogen based detergent is one of the most powerful engine part cleaner.

Gumout claim to use stronger concentrations of chemicals versus their competitors, to give the most vigorous cleaning possible.

Problems Gumout can solve

Hard starts / ignition

Injectors or spark plugs may be clogged with carbon soot

Power Loss

Power loss may be noticeable to driver thanks to restricted air passageways or pre-ignition of fuel

Rough Idle

Injector misters are clogged and have an uneven spray pattern, causing a rough running engine

Slow Pick-up / Throttle Response / Hesitation

Another result of poor fuel injection and inhibited airflow

Increased Emissions

Cars that are used for city driving suffer the worst with carbon builds up. The government enforced annual testing might reveal an increase of exhaust emissions beyond permissible levels, or you may notice smoke when accelerating.


Listen to your engine. If you can hear it surging, that is the tone altering when at idle, this could be a sign of clogged injectors

How does Gumout work?

PEA chemically bonds to the carbon builds up around fuel injectors and intake valves, softening and dispersing them from the fuel systems. While the majority of cleaning detergents are easily and quickly burned in the heat of the cylinder bore, PEA remains chemically stable right up to well over 200 degrees Celsius. PEA can also bond to metal substrates and prevent future carbon buildup reappearing.

Gumout also includes upper cylinder friction modifiers that reduce resistance and drag on the pistons, one of the biggest cause of efficiency loss in an engine. The effects of friction are minimized, and fuel economy is maximized.

Gumout as a corrosion inhibitor

Petrol makers include additives in their fuels to reduce emissions. Ethanol is one such additive that is added at the pump. Ethanol attracts water molecules, and so it eventually becomes so saturated it can separate from the gasoline.

The water soaked liquid then begins to corrode metal and alloy surfaces in the fuel system. This will degrade the structural integrity of the tank and fuel lines but also can introduce large pieces of debris into the fuel flow and quickly clog up a fuel filter.

Gumout includes a fuel conditioner that neutralizes ethanols PH, removing excess moisture from the system and thus protecting internal components from corroding.

Has Gumout been independently verified?

Yes, Gumout’s main active ingredient, PEA has been independently verified and subjected to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) tests D5500, D5598 and D6201. These are all evaluations carried out by an independent evaluation board on real-world cars. It is listed in the World Wide Fuel Charter as of September 2013.

Where to Buy

Most auto stores and gas stations will sell Gumout. It can also be purchased online. The bottle is 16fl oz. Most of the Gumouts competitors offer their fuel system cleaners in larger volumes.

Summary & Benefits

The listed benefits of Gumout are:

  • Whole fuel system cleaning
  • Maximizes fuel efficiency
  • Helps prevent future carbon buildup
  • Can restore horsepower lost over time
  • Cleans GDI or Gasoline direct injection systems
  • Lowers ethanol PH
  • Strips waters from gasoline to reduce corrosion
  • Compatible and safe for use with turbochargers and superchargers
  • Will reduce emissions if used regularly
  • Does not void vehicle manufacturers warranty

Gumout fuel injection and fuel system cleaner are well tested. We were impressed by the number of independent evaluations it has been subjected to. When used correctly as a preventative measure, it will reduce carbon builds and improve engine performance.

Engine power will be optimal, and fuel usage minimized. It is recommended you use this product with every tank of fuel as soon as a vehicle’s life as possible.

Fuel injector cleaners will be particularly effective on direct injection engines. For smoother engine idling, lower emissions and cleaner engine internals, try Gumout. Always make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and if you are unsure, contact your supplier.

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