Gumout Fuel System Cleaner Review

Modern cars are suffering due to the approach engineers are taking with the engine design. Direct injection causes carbon deposits to accumulate through the combustion chamber, even on the valves and injectors!

Therefore fuel system cleaners are required to counteract the buildup of carbon that collects inside the engine. Any increase in power and fuel economy is valued by the savvy driver, so a good fuel system cleaner is a wise addition to vehicle maintenance.

There are many fuel system cleaner products out there to choose from, and the market can be overwhelming at first glance, so considering the benefits of different products will enable buyers to make an informed choice. In this article, we will examine Gumout fuel system cleaner to see how well it does the job.

What is Gumout Fuel System Cleaner?

Gumout fuel system cleaner is an all-in-one complete fuel system cleaner that contains P.E.A. (Polyetheramine) which removes carbon deposits throughout the fuel system. P.E.A. is a powerful nitrogen-based detergent that cleans engine parts in a way weaker detergents cannot match.

What Else is in Gumout Fuel System Cleaner?

As with any carefully designed product, the exact ingredients and quantities are a closely kept secret. But the main ingredients of Gumout fuel system cleaner are as follows:

  • Solvent Naphtha (petroleum)
  • Polyetheramine
  • Distillates (Petroleum) Hydrotreated
  • Distillates (Petroleum) Hydrotreated
  • Naphthalene

This combination of solvents and petroleum-based chemicals improves the combustion of fuel, whilst PEA attacks the carbon deposits.

What are the Benefits of Gumout Fuel System Cleaner?

  • Removes deposits from port / indirect fuel injected engines, intake and exhaust valves, piston and cylinder heads and the combustion chamber
  • Conditions fuel, fighting corrosion caused by moisture in ethanol-rich fuels
  • Optimizes performance and fuel usage
  • Helps to lower harmful emissions
  • Gumout also helps protect the upper cylinder from friction and wear.
  • Gumout prevents future carbon build-up to give continual performance improvements.

Gumout claims to achieve three main aims – it cleans, conditions and protects.

These three actions take place unseen inside the engine, but they are evident in increased performance and fuel economy, and reduced emissions.

How Does Gumout Fuel System Cleaner Protect Against Engine Problems?

We have seen how Gumout fuel system cleaner actively cleans individual parts of the engine, but what other benefits does this give? And can it prevent engine damage? Here are some of the benefits:

  • It cleans throughout the fuel system, including direct and indirect fuel injectors. Another benefit is a reduction in engine vibration whilst the vehicle is in idle.
  • By cleaning deposits from intake valves and ports, it results in increased air flow which in turn leads to an increase in power. Deposits on the valves can absorb fuel, so by removing these, it leads to enhanced acceleration and reduced hesitation. Reduction of deposits inhibits the release of excess fuel to the cylinder that can cause the engine to surge.
  • Removing deposits from the combustion chambe. This premature fuel ignition can result in an engine knocking sound.
  • Another problem with build-ups in the combustion chamber is the deposits can bridge the spark plug gap, causing a misfire.
  • Gumout fuel system cleaner removes deposits from the carburetor. Gumout’s cleaner quickly dissolves this build up and dries quickly without leaving a residue.
  • Gumout fuel system cleaner is safe for use in turbocharged and supercharged vehicles, it’s is oxygen sensor safe and will not void manufacturer’s warranty.

What Makes Gumout Fuel System Cleaner Superior?

Gumout apparently uses stronger concentrations of high-quality active ingredients than other fuel system cleaners. They claim their formula is carefully tested to ensure the additives react properly, thereby achieving the best results.

How to Use Gumout Fuel System Cleaner

The manufacturer’s instructions recommend using Gumout every 3000 miles or at the time of an oil change.

Start by adding the contents of an entire 6oz bottle into a nearly empty fuel tank. Then refuel with between 18 and 35 gallons of fuel. It’s important to not refuel until the tank is nearly empty.

Does Gumout Fuel System Cleaner Work?

Users of Gumout fuel system cleaner noticed considerable improvements in fuel economy and engine performance. One user with a four-year-old 1.8 Nissan Versa found that adding Gumout gave them an extra 3 miles per gallon.

Another customer uses Gumout as part of their maintenance schedule to keep their vehicle running smoothly. They have tried Lucas, STP and Seafoam but say that Gumout is by far their favourite.

Someone who tried Gumout said it was “excellent stuff’, they were impressed by the concentration of P.E.A. the active ingredient that has been proven to keep deposits from forming. They tried it in a new Golf GTI and Crosstrek and were happy with the results in both vehicles.

What is the Verdict for Gumout Fuel System Cleaner?

As we have seen in this review, Gumout fuel system cleaner is a carefully designed product with high-quality active ingredients that give a deep clean to any engine. It should provide immediate performance benefits with increased fuel economy and engine power output.

Gumout also protects against damage caused by deposits which can build up inside the engine components. By removing these deposits, Gumout can deliver smoother running of your vehicle and protect your engine for longer. The science behind this product makes for an efficient fuel system cleaner that delivers real results every time.

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