Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealer Review

Head gasket failure is something all motorists fear. Although a head gasket costs only $30, the labour rates will take the final repair total to well over $1000 or more!

The reason being, it is a laborious and long process that involves dismantling the top half of the engine.

Head gaskets fail when a split or crack develops in the gasket, which seals the top and bottom halves of your motor, keeping coolant and oil separate. Through the crack in the gasket, antifreeze can seep from its passageways into the cylinder, causing all manner of problems.

Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealer Review

Sometimes, you may be able to use a head gasket sealer as a repair, instead of having the whole engine pulled apart. There are many head gasket sealers available on the market and they are usually poured straight into your coolant tank. With some of these products, you have to follow a set of strict instructions to make sure the product can seal up the crack.

Blue Devil has developed a sealer that is much easier to use. You literally pour the sealer into the expansion tank, idle the car for a while and then, if the damage isn’t too bad, you have a permanent repair.

What are the Symptoms of a Blown Head Gasket?

The head gasket seals the cylinder head and engine block together. There are oilways and coolant passages that run between the two and when the gasket fails, pressurized antifreeze makes it way into the combustion chamber.

Because it is running at around 15-18 psi, coolant is forced into the chamber, hence the name, a ‘blown head gasket’.

You’ll notice your head gasket has developed problems if the following symptoms are present:

  • Coolant is leaking from the tailpipe or a thick white, sweet smelling smoke (like steam) that continues even when the engine has warmed up
  • Coolant leaking from below engine manifolds, making the side of the cylinder block wet and leaving puddles of antifreeze where the vehicle is parked.
  • Bubbles or foam forming in the radiator or coolant expansion bottle
  • Engine overheats (coolant level is dropping and not circulating to keep the motor cool)
  • Engine oil is milky looking (the coolant has emulsified and blended with the motor oil), check your dipstick
  • Spark plugs fouled with mineral deposits from antifreeze

If you have any of these symptoms, you should investigate the matter immediately, driving the car as little as possible. Failing to do so could result in a warped cylinder head, that can only be fixed with a replacement or expensive machining.

Oil and water do not mix and so your motor oil will not lubricate like it should, causing bearings and other components to fail prematurely.

What are the Benefits of using Blue Devil?

Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealer is designed to permanently seal blown head gasket, warped or cracked cylinder heads, heater matrix, and coolant plugs. The product contains no solid matter, it is entirely liquid so cannot clog up or block the flow of coolant around the engine.

It’s safe for use in most engines and sticks directly to metals & plastics. It’s very simple to use and just about any driver will be able to do it.

Using this product could save you a lot of money and time spent with your car off the road. It has also been certified to make sure it doesn’t foam and froth in the coolant system. When purchasing from authorized dealers, Blue Devil also include a money back guarantee, so it’s worth a try!

How to use Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealer

First, you should make sure your engine is cool (not having run for quite some time, to make sure all components are cold). This also releases pressure from the coolant system, making it safe to open the overflow tank.

If your radiator or expansion tank is full, you’ll need to empty out enough coolant to allow space for the Blue Devil solution.

Start your engine, letting it idle. Set your heater to the max. This will open the thermostat and allow the sealer to travel throughout the cooling system.

Then, carefully open the Blue Devil, pouring it very slowly into the radiator. How slowly? Take a whole minute to drain the 32oz bottle. If you don’t have a radiator cap, you can pour it in through the top radiator hose.

After pouring, screw the radiator cap back on or replace the top hose.

Then, start the engine, leaving it to idle for 50 minutes to get to normal operating temperature. This helps the curing process.

Finally, check the coolant level and top up with more antifreeze and coolant. It is safe for Blue Devil Head Gasket sealer to remain in the cooling system.

Does it work? Is it proven to stop leaks?

Blue Devil Gasket Sealer is one of the easier gasket sealer products to use. Following the instructions should repair your blown head gasket, though it is not always guaranteed to work due to the nature of differences in the way a gasket can fail.

The product is designed to permanently seal small cracks or leaks, especially on 4 and 6 cylinder motors. For larger leaks, Blue Devil product a Head Gasket Sealer and this also works on 8 cylinder engines. To use that product, you do need a little mechanical knowledge and some basic tools.

Does this product work then? On small leaks, yes it can! We’ve read hundreds of success stories online, where vehicles had blown or leaking head gaskets and Blue Devil stopped them for several years and even longer!

Should I use it?

If you have any of the above symptoms and think your cylinder may have warped a little, or the head gasket may be leaking, give this stuff a try. It is much cheaper than having a head gasket replaced or a cylinder head machined flat. If it doesn’t work, then it’s time to take the car to the garage. If it does, however, you’ll save yourself a stack of cash.

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