Bars Leak Head Gasket Sealer Review

A blown head gasket can cause no end of problems. Your engine could start misfiring, you might get plumes of white smoke coming from the tailpipe, your heater might even stop working. Maybe you are having to top up your coolant system daily.

If you have any of those symptoms, you must investigate your head gasket right away. Failing to do so could cause irreparable damage to your engine, costing thousands of dollars to put right.

Bar’s Leaks have developed a product that can help to seal up a leaking head gasket and save you an expensive trip to the shop, or even a junkyard.

How does Bar’s Leak Head Seal Work?

From time to time, head gaskets can fail due to the differing rates of expansion and contraction of metals in an engine. When the head gasket cracks, the coolant can run from the coolant passageways into the engine oil or combustion cylinder.

Bar’s Leak Head Seal uses carbon fiber particles and a sodium silicate sealer to help fix leaks to 15,000th of an inch wide and 25,000ths of an inch in diameter.

Bars Leak Head Gasket Sealer Review

The solution penetrates gaps and cracks before hardening, to put an end to those leaks for good. It comes in several varieties of differing strengths, with one designed for severe leaks and race engines.

It will work on all water cooled engines, whether diesel or gasoline. It can be poured into the overflow tank, radiator or into the top hose from the radiator.

Bar’s Leak is designed to be compatible with antifreeze, so there’s no need to drop the coolant like in some other products. All you need to do is top up after using to make up for lost coolant.

When should I use Bar’s Head Seal?

If you are suffering from any or a combination of the following symptoms, it’s likely your head gasket has blown:

  • Small Leaks, where you having to add coolant once per week
  • Medium leaks, where you’re topping the coolant 1x per day
  • Major leaks, where coolant needs replenishing every hour
  • Bubbles are present in the coolant
  • Engine overheats
  • There are leaks on the intake manifold and block
  • Coolant is being forced out of engine components
  • Exhaust smoke is white and smells odd
  • Excess moisture or water is present from tailpipe
  • Coolant has leaked into oil making it caramel in color
  • Heater doesn’t work
  • Radiator cap blew off
  • Leaking freeze and core plugs
  • Radiator or heater core leaking

Then you should try Bar’s Head Seal first. If this doesn’t stop the problems, then you should take the vehicle to a mechanic for inspection, before further damage is caused.

Can I use Bar’s Leak Head Seal?

You can use Bar’s Leak Head Seal if your car can hold idle for 15 to 20 minutes without overheating. It is compatible with antifreeze manufacturers.

Bar’s Leak Head Seal will work on most antifreeze types, including OAT and HOAT non-silicate based coolant and yellow, orange, red, pink, blue and green silicate based products.

It is recommended for racing engines and doesn’t require removal of the thermostat or draining of the coolant.

How do other people rate it?

Quite highly. Many reviewers found it worked on their leak and repaired the head gasket, for a considerable length of time.

It does have to be said though that results may vary, we read of one case where a car owner found the product sealed up the heater core and radiator. The cost to rectify this was $4,000.

Even the temperature sensor became clogged up and so no problem was shown. As with all these products, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use them at your own risk.

Do you recommend Bar’s Leak Head Seal?

Yes, this product works well and does what it says on the packaging. When following the instructions, it can stop head gasket leaks and other gasket failures. The company has been established for over 70 years, which gives us the confidence to recommend their gasket sealer.

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